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Delegation of Authority

Delegating to Providers

Providers with delegated authority from QQI are awarding bodies in their own right.

Delegation of Authority allows a provider validate its own programmes and make awards at designated levels of the NFQ (National Framework of Qualifications) subject to our approval. 

Because of the significant responsibilities involved, only those providers who can demonstrate the appropriate track record and capacity should apply for delegation of authority. 

Currently the 13 institutes of technology have achieved delegation.

The Qualifications and Quality Assurance Act (2012) permits the extension of delegated authority to private providers of higher education and training. 

Delegation of Authority Policy


Policy on Delegation of Authority 2004


Policy and Criteria for the Delegation of Authority to the Institutes of Technology to make Higher Education and Training Awards (including joint awards)


​​IOT Sectoral Protocol on Level 9 Research Programmes


IOT Sectoral Protocol on Programmes leading to Joint Awards